A Example of Docker in Reality

The docker on Linux allows easy deployment of software. However, the idea is mainly borrowed from CD ROM.

People used to buy CD disks and put them in to the drive. Whatever brand your computer is, the content (music files, portable softwares) are always available. Such a design saves cost for two reasons:

  1. A single release satisfy most of environment;
  2. Less to learn to operate a standard equipment.

Now we replace the physical disk with image files and virtualize the CD drive - you can hardly find them nowadays anyway - to fit the growth of the Internet. The distribution cost turns much lower because binaries could be delivered through cables.

As HFLS Developer Association is a IT club, I tried to make these “images” of our course in hope that these images can be deployed by other high school IT clubs in need. This works exactly the same as the CD drive example.

The Cambridge A LEVEL Centers works in this way as well. Many courses are made into packages, and the cooperating school would choose some of these “images” to run. In this manner the A LEVEL’s market share expands rapidly.